Paola Mendoza / Grupo Calidra 
Solution: Videoconference

“Excellent service and efficiency, strong knowledge”

Moisés Pinto/ Gas Grupo Uribe 
Solution: Security

“Good service and attention from the team”

RafaelUribe / De Acero 
Solution: Collaboration

“For us it has been essential to have high-level support “

Ramses García/USK.
Solution: Vodeoconference

“Innovation and service, thanks for all the support”

Rodrigo Aceves /Grupo Copri.
Solution: Data Center

“The solutions presented covered our expectations, service and quality”

María Teresa Garibay / Ascendum 
Solution: Videoconference

“A lot of involvement in the work done”

Raymundo Soto / GMI 
Solution: Switching and Routing

“Thanks to the “Password team”, now we have better technology and performance in our network”

Rogelio Puentes/ Fynotej.
Solution: Data Center

“The solutions presented covered our expectations, we would have liked to improve the progress of the project due to the urgency”

David Peñaloza / Gazel
Solution: Collaboration

“An innovative team with a strong attitude of service, today requires a lot of enthusiasm to collaborate”

Rubén Gaytán / Akron.
Solution: IP Telephony

“Expectations fulfilled, service and good support”


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